Forgettable 90s Snacks

Ten Awful 90s Snacks

The 90s was an awesome time apart from the snacks of the era. There has never been such a period where people have had a large variety of bad-tasting junk foods. Well, in case you lived in that era, you ought to remember these snacks. In case you never existed, have a quick peep in the kind of available snacks that will leave you appreciating what is available in the market today!

10. Gatorade Thirst Gum

Gatorade Thirst Gum

The Gatorade gum was introduced in the late 1970s and was marketed until the early 2000s. The Gatorade Company manufactured the gum. The common flavors were orange and lemon-lime. It was popularly known to quench your thirst after you chewed it. However, it is rare to be both thirsty and have craving for gum.

9. Fruitopia fruit drink

Fruitopia fruit drink

The coca cola company introduced the Fruitopia drink. The drink was said to be fruit flavored, though it never had a taste of fruit. Upon its introduction in the mid-1990s, it received large popularity. However, the market base decreased as the product was no longer a favorite. This led to its removal from the market. However, the drink still retails in Canada and Australia.

8. Vanilla flavored coke

Vanilla flavored coke

The drink was first introduced in the early 200s. Ordinary coke contains some amount of vanilla. However, the vanilla flavored coke contains additional amounts of vanilla. Though the practice of adding vanilla to coke started ages ago, it never became official until 2000 when the Coca-Cola Company introduced the product. In 2002, the drink was banned in North America. For years later, it was also banned in the United Kingdom. However, the product that was a favorite drink, to many, it was re-launched. It was in the United States in 2007 and later in the United Kingdom in 2013. It has faced competition from Pepsi’s vanilla flavor which was launched in 2003. Well, at least the product is back in the market, everybody can now have a taste of the treat!

7. Fruit stripe Gum

Fruit stripe Gum

The gum was naturally and artificially flavored. Some of the flavors included lemon, cherry, orange, lime, mixed fruit and cotton candy. The brand boasts of being the only gum with painted on stripes. The product was launched in the 1960s and was sold until the late 1990s. The gum was popular among kids, who were its main consumers. It came in a large pack-this increased its popularity. Despite the bitter taste at times and the questionable tattoo practices, people still loved it all the same.

6. 3D Nacho Doritos

3D Nacho Doritos

The puffed up crunchy and crispy cheese snacks came in a round canister which could be easily. Frito-Lay manufactured it. It was introduced in the mid-200s.Its ingredients were vegetable oil, corn, sunflower, soybean, salt, cheese cultures, tomato powder, garlic powder and citric acid, just to mention a few. It is never clear why the product was discontinued. Despite the clients’ relentless efforts to bring them back, they have not returned yet. All the same, let’s stay hopeful.

5. Squeezits soft drink

Squeezits soft drink

The drink was fruit flavored though it did not have any nutritional value in it. It was manufactured by General Mills and was marketed from the 1980s to 2001. There were various flavors such as grape, cherry and berry. The name was invented because one had to squeeze the drink from its plastic bottle so as to extract the drink. The drink must have been such a delicacy. Though there are no plans to revive it, an online petition to have it brought back to the market received more than six thousand signatures.

4. Dunk Aroos treat

Dunk Aroos treat

Launched in 1988 by Betty Crocker, the snack had several positive reviews. To start with, it could serve as a quick lunch snack. The package consisted of icing and cookies. One was supposed to dunk the cookies into the icing before eating them. The individual packs contained icing and ten cookies. The cookies had various shapes though the most popular one was a hot air balloon. Vanilla icing was packed with chocolate cookies while strawberry icing was packed with vanilla cookies. Rainbow sprinkle icing went hand in hand with chocolate chip graham cookies, and graham cookies were packed alongside chocolate icing. In the start, the cookies had a cinnamon flavor.

3. Rice Krispies delicacy

Rice Krispies delicacy

Nobody could ever imagine that such amount of sugar could be in a breakfast cereal. Well, it happened! The treat is made using rice krispies, melted margarine or butter and marshmallow as the ingredients. Its composition makes it suitable for vegetarians. The Kellogg Company came up with this cereal based cereal. Though it received positive review, the cereal has become harder to find.

2. Multi-colored Squirt Ketchup

Multi-colored Squirt Ketchup

Mustard is yellow, chocolate is brown and ketchup ought to be red; at least this is what happens in most cases. In 2000, the giant company-Heinz set off to produce the EZ squirt ketchup which turned out to be one of the oddest foods ever made. The company produced a series of flavors such as the mystery color, green, funky purple and stellar blue. The company’s main target market was kids. At first, the ketchup sold well. However, soon people got tired of the whole thing. Despite the company’s efforts to revive the product, it did not work. Therefore, they simply got rid of it.

1. WWWF wrestlers cream

WWWF wrestlers cream

For the wrestling fans whose hunger would not be satisfied with the boxing, they had the wrestling ice cream bars to satisfy them. The ice cream bars had photos of the wrestlers encrypted on them. They consisted of a cookie top and a chocolate bottom. At the middle, there was a vanilla treat. Any wrestling fan would have betted that there was no better way of enjoying their best wrestlers rather than to eat them. Those who had the chance to taste the bar have different opinions. To some, it was such a delicacy that they would want to be back. To others, it was another way that the WWWF had found to get money from the wrestling fans. All the same, it was such an innovation!


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