Football Players With The Highest Salaries 2014-2015

Top 10 Football players With The Highest Salary 2014-2015

Football Players With The Highest Salaries 2014-2015? Which football player has the highest salary 2014-2015? Without a doubt football is a stand-out amongst the most played games in this world. Thus, it is no shock, that it has the highest amount of financing and commercialization. Individuals now can appreciate an assortment of global ability at different Club levels. Lets have a look at the Highest Paid Footballers Annual Salary in USD in 2014-2015.

Top Ten Football Players With The Highest Salaries 2014-2015

Footballers That Have The Highest Salaries is not a well debated topic. While, fans frequently scrutinize the most astounding paid soccer players for being excessively paid. Frequently the response is, they’re not worth that much cash. So we decided to rundown of the Particularly for the year 2014 and using the statistics by Forbes to see which soccer player has the highest salary.  Lets find out which football player has the highest salary and check out our list with Top 10 Footballers With The Highest Salaries 2014-2015 starting with Fernando Torres at number 10:

10. Fernando Torres – Chelsea

Fernando Torres is one of Soccer Players With The Highest Salaries

Fernando Torres is currently at number 10 in the TOP 10 FOOTBALLERS THAT HAVE THE HIGHEST SALARIES  for 2014. He has a yearly income of 20 million USD. What’s more he is raking it in with sponsors Adidas and Pepsi. As of late Torres made a move to Italy as the Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho was extremely quick to offload the 50 million striker in Lou of the Spain strikers poor form.

Fernando Torres salery and total earnings in 2014:

Total EarningEarning Via Salary/WinningsEarning Via Endorsements
21.3 Million USD17.8 Million USD3.5 Million USD

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