Football Players Who Have Committed Crimes

Soccer players who have committed crimes

Football players who have committed crimes should not suprise anyone! We know that some footballers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but there are also some footballers who just take the cake, no literally. There was a Footballer that was arrested for stealing a cake, but that is nothing compared to what we have dug up. We have seen Football Players get out of hand whether it’s stupidly drinking whilst driving or posting Instagram pictures of themselves smoking or acting inappropriately nothing compares to these geniuses.

10 Football players who have committed crimes

Which are the footballers who have committed crimes. So without further adieu – we give to you the 10 most stupid crimes committed by football / soccer players – here is our list of footballers who have commited crimes.

10. Matty Pattison – ‘Caught With His Pants Down’

Matty Pattison - 'Caught With His Pants Down' Football Players Who Have Committed Crimes

Matty Pattison did the unimaginable, after a big night out and managing to stumble home safely. Matty Pattison woke up the next morning feeling a bit hung over form the night before, after realising he was running late for Training for Norwich City, Pattison rushed out of the house jumped in his car and sped off only to pulled over by the police minutes later, all would have been fine except the police officer noticed Matty Pattison wasn’t wearing any pants whatsoever, and to top it all off it was Pattinson’s day off from training, If only he just stayed home.

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