Film Plot Holes You’ve Never Noticed

Film Plot Holes You’ve Never Beheld

Every once in a while, you reminiscence on the films you’ve ever watched and wonder what you might have missed out on. It is only with an extra keen eye that you can pick out film plot holes with a great detail. Well, you no longer have to worry yourself about that! For all film lovers out there, here’s what you’ve been wavering past.

10. X-men Days of Future Past

X-men Days of Future Past

There has always been an arousing of conflict as to who can really beat the other between these two overly interesting characters, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart. A rather lackluster joke of these two intriguing characters is all so often flaunted around. It beats essence and common sense to engage in a chess game with an individual who apparently can’t read what next move is on your mind! That’s X-men for you.

9. Titanic


It is unheard off for a beauty mark to realistically switch sides, right? To start with, it knows not which side it is on. Since entirety, women have been openly loved and loathed in equal measure for dong the ‘fake mole’. In this film stared by Kate Winslet who makes an appearance as Rose DeWitt Bukater, the birth mark just above the upper lip can be spotted from a mile away. Several questions arise. Why wouldn’t her make-up artist simply do it? Well, perhaps on this particular day she had taken one too many.

8. Aladdin


The genie in the lamp is a controversial being and rightfully so. Come to think of it, how many impossibly hard things would get done within a snap of a finger? Well, Aladdin lies at fault here if it were to be scrutinized. A genie and his lamp are the only things you would need to rock your world and make things happen, ironically, even for Aladdin himself. Just a single lamp with a genie tucked inside it and the world of imagination would come to life as we wish for a million and one impractical adventures to unfold right before our very own eyes!

7. Batman


You have to admit it; even for an outright dimwit, Joker makes the all hilarious and noticeable appearances in all films. Distinctly painted on his face are his trade-mark colors of ‘horror’ as you would all agree. This having resonated with you all, it is clearly evident that we all fell in love with Joker for making his maiden appearance to the hospital. All this was happening even when he clearly didn’t even the tiniest bit like a nurse! How hilarious. He might teach me a thing or two on how to get past security even when donning such a face huh.

6. The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause

I’m guessing that you’ve never dreamt of hosting the Santa Clause in your home in the eve of Christmas and understandably so. Probably because he is just a Clause, not the real deal Claus. Scared of having a Christmas which will be overrun by naughty kids who expect nothing from Santa Claus? Santa Clause to the rescue! This is when parents will play along with the myth of Santa while knowing vividly well he doesn’t exist but just cleverly avoiding a billion questions about the gifts and the menace caused by the naughty kids.

5. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump

Right from the onset, this somehow seemed queerly odd for whatever reason deemed fit. But hey, you are not in solitude! Quite the contrary as it seems. For a self admitted Forrest Grump, there is ever a tendency of very odds things following and happening to him without a finite thought of what the event calls for at that particular moment. He never ever knew what he was going to get, from his own submission, and also never really gave a care all the same.

4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

In the first place, Bran Stark always conveniently and, quite safely rather, climbed up the castle wall ever so often to get to his favorite window. Aloof at the window, he gazes down upon all and sundry but the Producer cheekily hopes for one thing; that you would quickly forget about it all when Bran Stack is done with his climbing but hey?! Isn’t that wall just way too convenient for an assailant to climb on?

3. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Now this catches the glimpse. With such an unpredictable and dramatic story line, well, the actors are also at a great loss when it comes to choosing a convenient wardrobe. Obviously, it’s past a hundred degrees in the desert! But they argue, oh; the storyline is unpredictable and so is the desert. For heaven’s sake?! And they conclude, let’s just don our entirely black and thick leather jackets for a day out in the desert.

2. Toy Story

Toy Story

Well, in the Toy Story, it’s an absolute shocker that even the toy doesn’t presume he’s a toy. If you ask him, well he’s a human who portrays queer behaviors more so when Andy happens to be around. With all honesty, the toy just happens to be as contradictory and as vindictive as we people in real life. That possibly satisfactorily explains why the toy will stay very still when Andy is around. Perhaps not to get tossed out like a toy coz hey, he’s just a different form of human!

1. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Talk of an old school that will always have the tongues wagging and you would be charged for not mentioning Jurassic Park. For a programmer, writing millions of troll codes is certainly no child’s play. Why didn’t the dilophosaraus just pick another but instead savored the taste of the only programmer in its mouth? Surely, they would have spared just this one expense wouldn’t they?! Well, due to them not sparing no expense at whatever cost, now Newman is crippled with the unique challenge of coming up with an approximate two million troll codes. Let’s hope he lives through it.

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