Fastest Football Players In the World 2016-2015

Top 10 Fastest Soccer Players In the World 2015-2016

Who is the Fastest Football Player 2015-2016? Fastest footballers? Most if not all Footballers are fast, and that’s with or with out the ball, but there are a few players out there that are extremely fast, it’s a known fact that some strikers will put in extra training to get more running in, which can prove very useful on the pitch, especially when you want to lose a world class defender. Usually people do a top 5 fastest soccer players 2015-2016, but we choose to do a top ten list instead with The Fastest Soccer Players In The World.

Top ten Fastest Football Players  2015-2016

Who is the most fastest player on earth now 2016? Well thankfully FIFA have made it easy for us, they gather footballers and clock their top speeds, and that got me curious, so I thought I would find out who makes the Top 10 Fastest Football/Soccer Players In the World 2015-2016. Check out which of players that is the top speed football player 2015-2016 and which player that is the fastest player in the world. Also check out our list with the top 10 slowest football players.

 10. Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal – 30.1 km/h

Alexis Sanchez is one of the Fastest footballers In the World 2015

At a speed of 30.1 km/h this Chile International comes in at number 10 at our list with The Fastest Football Players In the World 2015, his ability to just take of from the spot is amazing, he always has the player that is marking him on his toes, Alexis Sanchez is a hard man to catch when he’s at full speed.

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