Fastest Animals In The World

Fastest Animals In The World List

Fastest animals on earth? Most fast animals are normally birds. However, our list of the fastest animals on the planet comprises of all different types of animals that are fast. Some swim in water, others fly while the others just walk on land.

Fastest Animals OnThe Earth Top Ten List

The outstanding bit about the animals below is that they are one of the fastest animals regardless of where they live.  Check out some of the fastest animals on land. Soon we will write a list with only fastest animals in the world on land.

10. Brown Hare

Brown Hare

Fastest Hare

The Brown Hare has long back legs. Its long back legs are essential in enabling the animal to run at a speed of 77km/hr. It is the same speed to the red Fox which is its predator. It lives in exposed habitats and they spend most of their time in small depressions they make on the ground. They feed in loose groups. In most cases, they are game animals though their number is declining. Land owners keep the Brown Hares. The number of foxes is increasing so Brown Hares are in danger since foxes are their predators.

9. Frigate bird

Frigate bird

This bird has a speed of 153km/hr. Its ability to fly so fast is due to its large wingspan as compared to its body weight ratio of any other bird. The most amazing thing about the Frigate bird is that it has the ability to stay in the air for a week or longer. They only land in rocky cliffs for the purpose of resting or breeding. Surprising enough, though the bird is one of the fastest animals in the world; it cannot walk well or swim in water. Since it stays in the air most of the time, it has few predators.

8. Spur-winged Goose

Spur-winged Goose

It is the fastest goose in the world. It flies at a speed of 142km/hr. The most amazing fact about this Spur-winged Goose is that it is the major of the ducks and on average its body weight is 5.4 kg to 6.8 kg. Yet it is the fastest! Its fast speed is essential for the Spur-winged Goose because it is migratory in nature. Thus, it is able to migrate in search of food at a fast speed. Spur-winged Goose breeds in nests found in hollow trees or in uninhibited nests. However, this species has been threatened by uncontrolled hunting.

7. Sail fish

Sail fish

This is the fastest fish in the world. The Sailfish speeds through water at a speed of 110km/hr. It is the fastest animal in water. The sailfish has a large body. Its average lifespan is about four years. Its large size makes it most sort fish by fishers. Its body is designed such that it can swim at that speed in water. During summer, the sailfish spawns near the water surface.

6. Marlin


Marlin lives in water and it can swim at a speed of 80km/hr. Wahoo follows Marlin in terms of its swimming speed of about 78km/hr. It is a fast swimmer with an elongated body and stiff dorsal fin. Marlin has a huge body. It spends utmost of its time in the sea. It is also migratory in nature.

5. Cheetah


It is the fastest animal on land with a speed of 113km/hr. It is intended in such a manner that it can run at that speed. Its speed of 113km/hr helps cheetah to catch its prey so fast. Its speed is three stretches that of the top running human being in the world. Cheetah belongs to the family of the big cat and it has a skill that is unique in the big act family. You will not believe it that this animal has the ability to accelerate its speed from 0 to 100 km/hr in impartial three seconds! It is carnivorous in nature so it uses its speed to catch speed in the wild.

4. Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn Antelope

The Pronghorn Antelope is the subsequent fastest animal in the world that walks on land. It runs at a speed of 98km/hr. It is the only animal with forked horns in the world. This speed helps it to out sprint its predators. It is indigenous to the interior parts of western and central North America. The Pronghorn Antelope feeds on grass though it is a predator for carnivorous animals like lions, crocodiles and hyenas. It is found in many habitats like forests, grassland plains and in the savannah. They depend on their running skill as a group defense mechanism.

3. Blue Wildebeest

Blue Wildebeest

The Blue Wildebeest has the ability to run at a speed of 80km/hr. This speed almost matches that of a lion. The Thompson’s Gazelle and Springbok run at the same speed too. Its speed is an important factor for the animal because it helps it to survive against predators. These animals are well known for their May migration to open woodlands. The most amazing thing about the Blue Wildebeest is that the newborn calves are able to stand and walk after birth. They keep up with the speed of their mothers within two days after birth. Another characteristic of this animal is that newborns are born two or three weeks before start of the rainy season starts so that they can survive against predators.

2. Spine-tailed Swift

Spine-tailed Swift

It is the fastest bird in driven flying. Spine-tailed Swift flies at a speed of 171km/hr. the bird has spine-tailed and long curved wings which help it to fly at that speed. It has a short and square shaped tail with bulging feather chutes. These birds are originate all over the world except in New Zealand, most Polar Regions and Southern Chile among other regions.

1. Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine is the fastest animal in the world and it is also the fastest bird in the entire world. It dives at speeds of about 322km/hr. When it is hunting; it dives into the horizons at a speed of 90km/hr. It is the largest British Falcon. The Peregrine seeks for its food through hunting in rocky coasts. It has very large and heavy eyes, perhaps larger than those of human beings. Its good eyesight helps it to hunt for food well since it can spot prey from a distance. However, this animal is becoming a predator due to the presence of chemical pollutants.

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