Extreme Balancing Acts That Will Creep You Out

Ten Extreme Balancing Acts That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

For extreme daredevils, life is incomplete until they try out some daring stunts. For them, it is all about the adrenaline rush and doing what the average Joe wouldn’t even perceive in their mind. Some of their acts would even make you think that they have lost their minds but in their defense, living without risking is risking to live. Here is a galore of pictures all revolving around daredevil stunts.

10. Balloon Stunts

Balloon Stunts

Were you of the opinion that hot air balloons are only used for joyrides and the weather station? You were grossly wrong. As these dudes here exemplify, there is more to air balloons than meets the eye. They are an accessory that can be used in many diverse and ingenious ways. On these snowy plains this guy is trying out a balancing act that has the potential of going wrong. He trusts his gut feeling and if anything goes haywire, well, he will just assume he was on a skiing trip and get on with it.

9. Bike Balancing Stunt

Bike Balancing Stunt

You probably know how to balance your body on the bike; but that’s when you are seating on the chair but standing while your legs are still on the pedals. Even on firm ground, you would have a fairly hard time doing a stunt like the one depicted in this picture right? Well, this guy has gone a step further to defy the odds and test his fate. He not just satisfied with doing a stunt but is doing it high up in the skies. If anything went wrong, he would disintegrate before reaching the ground.

8. Wheel Balancing Stunt

Wheel Balancing Stunt

As if balancing on the wheel is not hard enough, this guy is doing it on a high ridge overlooking a river. Lucky for him, he has two assistants who are holding onto the wheel. In this way, they are preventing it from rolling down the ridge and into the air. This is clearly a daredevil stunt which seems to defy the laws of gravity. Dressed in red, this daredevil even seems to be enjoying a walk on the wheel and this gives him an adrenaline rush like none other. Let’s hope that the wheel doesn’t give in to gravity.

7. Chair Balancing Stunt

Chair Balancing Stunt

Even before we get into the intriguing factor of balancing, doesn’t that landscape just look awesome? No wonder this daredevil dares his fate head on without giving into worry. It is a sight to behold and for him, it is much more than balancing. Having piled up the chairs in such a symmetrical order, he is defying the odds and balancing on his arms just by the edge of an extremely steep slope. This is one stunt whose success depends on how firmly the chairs are resting on one another. One minor slip and he comes tumbling down.

6. Monocycle Balancing Act

Monocycle Balancing Act

High up on the top of the rock boulder, this courageous guy goes on to balance on a monocycle. He is not doing this on the edge of the boulder. If you look keenly enough, you will notice that his monocycle is resting on a piece of wood a few feet off the edge of the boulder. Owing to this, his safety does not rest solely on the balancing act. Rather, it also rests with the piece of wood and how safely it is supported. So many things could go wrong here.

5. Pile Balancing Act

Pile Balancing Act

Do you notice that the camera man has kept his safe distance? This is because he knows what’s good for him. Clearly, he does not possess guts like his friend who cares less about safety and more about making an achievement that will prove him as a daredevil. Lucky for him, this rock boulder is at such an awesome angle that if he were to slip, he would go splashing into the water down below. Well, it is a compelling scenic view, no wonder it has been picked as the perfect spot for this daring stunt.

4. Hand Balancing Stunt

Hand Balancing Stunt

Oh my! This looks really risky. Without any safety gadgets on him, this balancing act could go awfully wrong at any moment. If a strong wind, for instance, blows by there would be nothing for him to hold on to. He would go spiraling down into the waiting hard ground below him. But clearly, he is not feeling threatened by this circumstance. Actually, he seems to be enjoying doing this balancing act so high up in the air. Lucky for him though, the surface he is holding on to seems to be rock solid.

3. Double Balancing Stunt

Double Balancing Stunt

When one is balancing on their own, it is safe to say that he or she bears this in mind and tunes every muscle in his or her body for the act ahead. When you put another person in the picture however, it ceases to be a one man show and transforms into a game whose success rests solely on trust. One simple mistake done by either of these two would mean doom for the other. They both have to work their muscles and trust each other beyond any reproachable doubt. It is a pretty bold move.

2. Ladder Balancing Act

Ladder Balancing Act

This is pretty bold in more than one way. More than just balancing on the ladder, this guy has tagged along his family to come watch as he puts all his eggs in one flimsy basket. On the edge of this rock boulder, the terrain below is not friendly and would slice him into small infinite pieces if he dares let go.

1. Pole And Chair Balancing Act

Pole And Chair Balancing Act

This, by far, seems to be the most daring balancing act. His fate relies on many factors such as the strings, pole, chair and the wind which are all varying. He is doing this stunt on a rather narrow strip of rock boulders though. Let’s hope that none of these factors gives in resulting in the worst possible scenario.

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