Exhilarating Wi-Fi Battles

Exhilarating Wi-Fi Battles

Wi-Fi, being a wireless connectivity platform, has many enthusiasts. As fate would have it, these enthusiasts congregate ever so often and when they do, they make sure that they leave their mark. As they try to outdo each other in superiority wars, they toss a lot of words around. Some are bashful whereas some are not. Most often than not, we find that many of the Wi-Fi’s are locked up, thereby limiting access into them.

10. Batcave Story

Batcave Story

When coming up with a Wi-Fi name, you would probably best come up with something that sounds true and is true. There’s no reason why one would come up with such an intuitive name then fail to deliver on the same. Batcave here is having a lot of trouble. Also, it seems to be feeding all the other Wi-Fi’s around with exactly what they need; free airtime. As you can see, Batcave is also being used to do some pretty devious things. With absolutely no idea how to turn the lock on, it will continue loosing for a long time.

9. Taunting In Wi-Fi

Taunting In Wi-Fi

There is nothing more exhilarating that discovering a new Wi-Fi that remains unlocked all the time. The moment you come across such Wi-Fi, so many ideas cross your mind. The good thing is that you have the power of turning all these ideas into reality. It is like realizing a loophole that never existed before. You can virtually do anything with it now. Even when clearly this person turns out to be a jerk just for stealing your Wi-Fi, they are honest with you and offer handy advice.

8. Wi-Fi Star Wars

Wi-Fi Star Wars

When you look at the first part of this, you get the feeling that you are in for something really good. You might even be tempted to click on that Wi-Fi. It is like reading a really interesting analogy that keeps you at the edge of your seat. This is up until that moment when you roughly transition into that second part. All hell breaks loose and your joyride stops abruptly. All that is left far you are hanging statements which, in being honest, don’t really make sense to you. Now you feel like quitting the entire thing.

7. Excessive Information

Excessive Information

Some Wi-Fi’s are really interesting to go through. They sound like a heated conversation with a penultimate ending. Just when you are starting to get the flow, the story is cut short abruptly. This especially happens in instances where a little bit too much information is given. Like in this case, the words are unprintable in this form of media but you kind of get what is going on here. If this was a war, someone would be bleeding after being hurt pretty badly. It’s a good thing it is not war. I wonder whether you would even entertain the idea of remembering the network.

6. Silence Your Dog

Silence Your Dog

Living as neighbors is a good thing. For starters, you have a sense of security since you know someone is nearby at your beck and call should anything arise. When your neighbor has a dog, it’s even better because you know if burglars come around, you will know of it immediately. But on the downside, it can be bad if the dog makes way too much noise. For the dog owner, the worst thing is to have a neighbor who is afraid to face them head-on. They might result into using the Wi-Fi instead like this guy did.

5. who’s Your Daddy?

who’s Your Daddy?

Since then was there a spelling bee on the Wi-Fi? We assume that this just happens to be a very kind hearted person with no hard feelings. Having studied the English language extensively and for a longtime, the person takes it upon themselves to be the brother’s keeper but not in the way you would expect. The person does not mince words when doing this and from the look of things, the person is very agitated. Next time, use good English and we promise you that you won’t be attacked on Wi-Fi.

4. The Paper Thief

The Paper Thief

Whether in college or high school, people are really concerned about their papers. The reason for this is quite simple. Nobody wants to work so hard on a paper only for another person to come up and steal it. It can be a really irritating habit, one which has to be tamed at the earliest chance possible. So we are going to assume that this two already had a not so friendly chat earlier. Since they did not agree, they thought it best to take their fight to the next level. Where best to do this than on the Wi-Fi platform.

3. The Eavesdropping Neighbors

The Eavesdropping Neighbors

Earlier on, we had mentioned that it’s great having neighbors around. Well, we take that back. At times, it is so bad to have neighbors around that one feels like moving out into the middle of a rainforest where you will have calm, quiet and a lot of peace. This is because some neighbors are such pricks that you get tired of them literally to the bone. This Wi-Fi depicts just that, the easiest was to spot whether your neighbors are eavesdropping on you is simple, just go through the Wi-Fi.

2. Meat Is Delicious

Meat Is Delicious

Who doesn’t like meat? It’s vegetarians who think that anything red is murderous. This seems to be the contests here. We are not sure yet who will be the winner because there is no sight of supporters nearby. Being the frank people we are, we will offer some advice. They’re both right.

1. Not You’re Wi-Fi

Not You’re Wi-Fi

We hate it when people mess around with grammar. It is a very annoying incidence that will, without a doubt, rub you the wrong way. When coming up with some pretty charming phrases for your Wi-Fi to go by, just make sure that the grammar is correct and not irritating in anyway. If not this, just settle for a grammatically correct lame phrase.

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