The Craziest Childhood Hairstyles Ever

The Craziest Childhood Hairstyles Ever

The ideal childhood should be fun and memorable. The clothes, the hairstyles, the food and the games are just some of the most awesome stuff that should be well documented if necessary. Let’s talk about the hairstyle though. The thing is, most kids don’t really give much thought to the kind of hairstyles they decide to don. The new styles might be a bit cool in their eyes at the time but looking back, they smash the most awkward and hilarious lists of all time. The subsequent is a list of some of them in recent times.

10. Bored Goatee

Bored Goatee

Dude cheer up! The boredom is killing me. A smile a day keeps depression and all those other life-altering diseases at bay. And no one would critic him for faking one. At least we would all see the effort. The cameraman should have said something before clicking away. The head is enviable. Any rock band would be happy to seek his styling tips. The goatee looks fine to me. It suits the busy partying citizens of the teenage society but we can work around with it too.

9. The Saddie Mullet

The Saddie Mullet

The guy looks like he needs some anti-depressants. Seems the job interview dint go his way. Or maybe someone said something unbecoming about his hair. He clearly needs some professional help or he’ll be mistaken for an overwhelmed high school mascot. There is one positive note though. He has really taken good care of his mullet. The oiling and touch is almost perfect. I guess a few people would pick a few tips from him. The party at the back is kinda really sad though.

8. The Exploding Look

The Exploding Look

Ain’t hating but what is really going on here? Is she from the hair stylist or she is going there like right now? She looks like she has just been rescued from a bomb blast scene. She clearly did not get value from her money. Somebody should take her back and as the stylist to redo her hair or get sued for contravening the ethics governing hairstyling. Anyway for all we know she is just a teenager trying out new stuff. Blame it on the dispensation and the times. The 90’s dint really last that long.

7. The Clown

The Clown

This is just too insane for my taste. Am exasperating not to laugh out loud since I might rub someone the wrong way. Dude we appreciate the desire to be daring and all but really? Is that the unsurpassed you could come up with? This is just too sad but funny at the same time. The bad boy stunt doesn’t really suit him though. He looks like a really good guy who is just going through a teenage identity crisis. We should probably ask him to change the company he hangs out with first. He is trying too stiff to fit in.

6. Daring Don

Daring Don

Oh my God! Is that kid alright? I mean are the hairs falling off or what is happening to him. Somebody misled this kid into doing this to himself. This can’t be his idea. This is too scary. Somebody should tell him not to look at the mirror. He will probably scare himself out. We can’t handle another crisis right now. Remember has to smile for the cameras too. His plate is already full. And I can bet his name is probably Don.

5. The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days

Nothing is better than reminiscing the good old days with family. This family photo is just the real deal. The sibling pose is just awesome with the smiles and the poses all time classics. There is something about their hair though that is really worrying. It gives the vibe of a 1970’s movie titled “Welcome to the Harpers”. I hope things have improved in recent times.

4. The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

This kid looks like he can kick ass anytime he feels like. There is a very negative vibe around him. You know the kind of atmosphere that really gives a cold chill down the spine. I recognize he is just a teen but I don’t wanna walk down an alley alone with him. He is just too bad for his age. Tongue in check.

3. Mozart look

Mozart look

This guy is really rocking the piano guy look. He seems to be partaking the spell of his life. He is really over himself and we should probably let him enjoy it while it lasts. The haircut he has is probably giving him more confidence boost and we should not mess with that. Chics are probably falling over themselves to have a piece of him. At least that is what he needs us to believe so let’s play along.

2. The Little Bowler

The Little Bowler

Anyone who sees this kid must be wondering what is going through his little head. The doll-face wide smile tells it all. He must be really impressed with himself. He is probably over the moon donning his professional bowling idol’s style on his head. We should probably let him have his moment with the cameras. It will really be rude and cruel to crush that poor kid’s dream. After all, they are valid. Parents next time just make sure you are aware what your kid wants to have as his new hairstyle beforehand.

1. The Hunnic Head

The Hunnic Head

Well, whoever decided to give this kid a business in the facade party in the back look kinda got it all wrong. Somebody should actually tell him that he looks like he’s just been plucked from a 6th century B.C redneck movie and a Beastie Boy wannabe. The Roman Empire would declare him a persona non-grata while Beastie Boys band members would just lie down and weep at the sight of him. All that innocence written all over his face should at least be done some justice with a proper haircut. Dude you still a kid. Be calm. Nice try with the mullet stunt though.

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