The Costliest Exotic Pets in the World

The Most Expensive Exotic Pets in the World

People all over the world develop a liking which later translates into a loving for their pets. This is a widely acknowledged fact given that there are over 74 million dogs and 86 million cats domesticated today in the U.S.A. Across Asia, Europe and Canada, the numbers continue to soar. The affluent, however, prefer to get exotic pets as will be discussed and they do this by digging deeper into their bountiful pockets.

10. Bengal Cat – Most Expensive Pets

Bengal Cat

Specially bred for the exotic pet market, the Bengal cat fetches a cool $3,000 as per current stakes. In order for the creation of the Bengal cat, the Asian leopard and a stout domestic black cat have to undergo continuous breeding for a period not less than five generations. The purpose for breeding is to bring home a shorter version of the leopard as you might notice on its skin. The cat’s size is shortened from the cross breed and owing to this, it appeals to the eye as a domesticated animal and not a wild one.

9. Snow Macaque

Snow Macaque

The virtue for which this rare primate is famed for is its hairless red face. Given the fact that it is enlisted among endangered species, this only makes it pricier. This exotic pet goes for a whopping $3,500 and has the ability to live for up to 30 years. If you are excited about the idea of having an unruly child around the house, this is the pet for you. While having it around, a large cage is suitable and you will have to do a lot of diaper changes. You wouldn’t want to lose it.

8. Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python

Pastel Butter Stripe Ball Python

If the sound of a hissing snake appeals to you, consider keeping this exotic pet. It is very expensive though, at $7,500. It is visibly different from other snakes due to the unique blending of its colors. Being a passive animal, this only makes it more appealing to pet lovers. Primarily, the markings it has on its back make it very much sought after. With a black border and yellow stripe, it is not a wonder why it is a favorite. This pet will live up to thirty years when well taken care of.

7. The Capuchin Monkey

The Capuchin Monkey

If you have $10,000 to flaunt around, consider going for this exotic pet. Its name arises from Capuchin Monks; they used to wear robes to hide their faces. Mostly in Hollywood, they have been glamorized as being pets. It is preferable for them to be caged even though they notably aid the handicapped. They are little trouble makers and will go to great lengths to frustrate you with the aim of wearing you out. While this exotic pet can stay alive for fifty years, it is a rare kind of commitment for the pet owner.

6. Camels


In other parts of the world, these animals have been domesticated for well over 5,000 years. They are new exotic pets in the West however and go for roughly $10,000. The shipping cost, considering that the animals are not locally available, only appraises them more. To be a proud owner of a camel, one would have to get the necessary paperwork done for the issuance of a license. Land also becomes a factor as one has to posses at least two acres for it to roam on. It is a rather expensive proposition when you throw in a vet, health as well as food requirements.

5. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

If you are able and willing to part with $11,000, you will be the proud owner of this exotic pet. Among the flying parrots in the entire world, it is the largest. It’s almost an endangered species and can grow to a length of forty inches. As for their enormous strength, one would have to hoard them in reinforced cages to keep them from breaking out and flying away never to be seen again. It’s training has to be early before it turns wild.

4. The Palm Cockatoo

The Palm Cockatoo

Fetching a bold $16,000, this exotic pet is yet another very expensive bird mostly because of the strange look it possesses. It has a rigid diet which makes it expensive to maintain; the diet is inclusive of oranges, beets, kale, broccoli, pine nuts, apples, Brazilian nuts and pomegranate. It has this interesting look that will make your eyes glued to it as you try to ponder where it came from. The most intriguing factor about it, apparently, is that it lays a single egg every two years. Since it has a record of not breeding spuriously in captivity chances of that are very slim.

3. The Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat

Though it is quite a difficult breed to create, the Savannah cat is quite intelligent and medium sized. This rather exotic pet is a crossbreed between the African Serval and a domesticated cat; getting these two to mate is a tall order and almost always fails. Going for $22,000, it is a rather rare catch for any pet lover and more to it one can actually own a Serval as a pet. The expense goes hand in hand with the amount of Serval that is present in the cat.

2. A Chimpanzee

A Chimpanzee

Owning this exotic pet sounds like it can be very cool; it is almost as intelligent as humans. It can be as loyal as a dog but that only depends on how well you treat it. It fetches between $60,000 and $65,000 and can be very aggressive. That said, it is very hard to domesticate as it is used to a life in the wild.

1. A White Lion Cub

A White Lion Cub

This exotic pet tops the list of the most expensive and rightfully so, going for $140,000. It is as a result of recessive genetic mutation and is extremely rare. Most of them are born in Zoos, making it very hard to own at home. Owning it will give you ultimate prestige but you will have to part with a tidy sum of money. Eventually, it will grow into a huge lion and the idea of this makes it pretty bold to own as it will be roaming about untamed.

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