Blockbuster Gym Fails

Funny Gym Fails and funny GIF Gym Fails

Funny gym fails or gif gym fails? Working out is not easily welcomed, if we would just keep fit naturally irrespective of what we consume, the gym would be an isolated place. Most people get to the gyms but the results are not always positive as it would be expected, we look at the top ten blockbuster gym fails, check them out. Here are our list with gym fails funny compilation. We will add a few funny gym fails video later. Dont miss some of the Funniest Gym Fails.

10. It’s a gym not a strip club

It’s a gym not a strip club

The conventional dress code in the gym is generally expected to be tracksuits and sport shoes with nothing so fancy. All sense of fashion is thrown out of the window since all that matters is the work you put in during the work out sessions. The lady pictured decided to ignore all the unspoken gym by-laws and show up in a short revealingly-raunchy strip club dress and high heels and step on the treadmill.

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