Best Pranks of All Times

10 Best Pranks of All Times

Pranks are becoming more common in the today generation, however some are over exaggerated while others serve the purpose, a good prank should be playful, amusing and partly malicious. We take this into consideration and bring you the 10 best pranks ever, you will laugh out loud.

Top Pranks of All Time

10. Phony Poop

Fake Poop in toilet

This prank is just awesome and anybody can try it, you only need to use the exhausted tissue roll and soak it in water then squeeze it with your own hands. You can then use the handmade “poop” and place it on the toilet seat, on the floor, bathroom or anywhere, people will be pissed of to see it and it will serve the purpose.

9. Blow the candles and get smashed too

Blow the candles and get smashed too

Birthday cakes parties bring some life celebrating moments on air, with such light modes, it’s easy to see everybody dancing around the baby but the reality is that more cake is wasted than eaten, this video explains it all.

8. Kids at all times troll

Kids at all times troll

Kids are just like cats, every day they come up with new tricks that are abandoned as soon as they are discovered, from tying grass knots on the playing ground or paths to pinching the child only to pretend nothing happened, these kids however are on their own world, this prank s just awesome.

7. Brilliant Idea

Brilliant Idea

This prank is just awesome indeed, these friends are enjoying their meals but they have set a nice prank for their friend, even as he is approaching, the guy on the right is already grinning, the malicious grin of all prank stars, check out what happened.

6. Is it a Ghost

Is it a Ghost

In our day to day lives, we love to play pranks to our friends, most people who are really caught by pranks are kids and girls, but it’s amazing how the big girls react when scared, this prank just summarizes it all.

5. Adrenaline: fight or flight

Adrenaline: fight or flight

Some pranks will just catch you un aware no matter how smart you think you are. This prank would definitely have made you freak and scream your life out. Watch adrenaline in action.

4. Escalators thrill

Escalators thrill

Figure out this prank and think of how you would have reacted, you are on the 18th floor of this fast moving elevator you are heading to the 32nd floor. You are all alone so the lift is not taking breaks then out of nowhere the floor of the escalator just starts to cave in.

3. Must try out

Must try out

This prank would have sent shivers down my spines too, figure out how you would have reacted when you see somebody sneeze his head out of his body, I would be in a flight motion.

2. More than just Hilarious

More than just Hilarious

Age does not hinder you from playing a prank and this man surely expresses it in a good way. You would definitely have cracked your ribs too if you witnessed it and am still sure you will.

1. Life Threatening Prank

Life Threatening Prank

This prank just carried the day, no one would like to be the very first witness of someone dying right before his eyes, watch troll to understand it better.

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