Best Life Hacks of all time

Best Life Hacks ever

Best life hacks ever? Want to check out some of the most awesome Life Hacks? Figured so, because most of the people come across many difficulties despite of the problem being a small. They waste much of their time in doing these small works in their own way.

10 awesome life hacks that will change your life

One can save their time and effort by knowing simple, unique and different ways of doing the same. And in this article you will be learning such 10 awesome lie hacks that will make your life and work easier and more comfortable and effortless.,

Top ten best life hacks ever

Lets have a look at some of the greatest life hacks ever. Let us know if you agree on that some of these Life Hacks are the best life hacks of all time.

10. How to open a bottle easily?

How to open a bottle easily?

Well, to do this all of us prefer to use bottle opener and some even try out with their teeth. But what if this is done at the cost of your teeth? Nobody would like to lose their teeth for the sake of a bottle and even using openers may result in a time consuming task as people usually don’t find things in the right time. Well, is there any alternative for it? Opening a beer bottle with another bottle? Right, you heard it correct. Just have a look at the image for knowing this technique. Here you can see that both the lids are hooked together and the above one is pulled in the upward direction in order to open the other bottle lid. Now in the 3rd one you can see the left over bottle lid is opened by placing its lid on the mouth of other bottle and applying the downward thrust.

9. How to clean to clean of a shower head

How to clean to clean of a shower head
Cleaning of shower head is must as it may even result in dandruff. To have a cleaned shower head without any physical effort, you can cover it with a plastic full of vinegar and leave it for the whole night.  Morning you can have a clean shower so that you have a fresh shower bath and don’t get annoyed by it every morning.

8. Cool Mirrors

Cool Mirrors
This is a creative idea to convert old junk into useful productive. So just go to your store rooms and take all those unused, old wooden rackets and try to convert them into attractive and cool mirrors instead of throwing it as a waste.

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7. Never lose your remotes again

Never lose your remotes again
Missing your favorite program due to your lost remote is the most annoying thing one can come across. People keep it somewhere and won’t be able to find it out at the correct time and have to keep on searching it at the cost of their loved programs. But now you need not search for it as here is the coolest idea to keep the remote safely at single place. You just need to a remote stand as shown in the above image.

6. Wash basin

Wash basin
Many face problem filling containers that do not fit in the wash basin. But with this unique idea you can do it right. You need a cleaned dust pan in order to fill the huge container that does not fit in your wash basin. Just look at the image to have the idea of how to place the dustpan.

5. Dust free drilling

Dust free drilling

Now you can drill a house wall without any dust. As of all drilling is tedious work and cleaning of dust produced by it makes it a bit more tedious. You can prevent the dust from falling on the ground by sticking a post note below the area to be holed.

4. Cooling of the beer faster

Cooling of the beer faster
Fridge takes hours to cool a beer better. Till then the person gets annoyed as he/she will be waiting to drink it as soon as possible but due to the slowness of cooling of beer their wish take more time to get completed. The better way to cool a beer bottle is to wrap it with a wet paper and leaving it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. And you will be shocked to receive an ice cold beer.

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3. Use of toilet paper rolls effectively

Use of toilet paper rolls effectively
Don’t throw the used toilet paper tubes as it can be used to organize the cables and wires properly. This can be done as shown.

2. Hiding the emergency money

Hiding the emergency money
Some time you may lose your wallet or all of your money. At that time you will be really in the need of some emergency cash. One needs to hide some amount of cash to tackle such situations. So just get an idea from the image about how you can hide your money.

1. Chair Use

Chair Use
Folding chairs are out of use now days. So if you have any, make an effort to take them out and clean properly because you can do the coolest thing with it. All you require is to paint the chairs with the color of your walls and hang them with nails. Now the seats can be used a self and rods as racks to hang clothes as shown in the figure.

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