Most Awkward Nerd Photos

Most awkward pictures of nerds with hotties

Lets have a look at some of the Most Awkward Nerd Photos. Sometimes one possess for a photograph without being conscious of the pose. In the end, the pose ends up to bring a totally wrong impression. Once you go through these ten awkward photo moments, you will realize why you need to be more careful with your pose next time.

Most Awkward Nerd Photos with hot girls

In the meantime, have the fun of spotting the virgin in the photos. LOL! Can You Spot The Nerds In these Photos!?

10. The floating hand

The floating hand

It has never made sense why guys have to do the floating hand thing. The hand of the dude in the photo speaks more than his facial expression. The hand seems to be confused. At one point it seems to be asking the lady to get closer while, in the other, it is beckoning her away. He may have a big smile on his face, but he does not seem comfortable. He would have made a more appropriate impression if he had gotten rid of the floating hand.

9. The floating hand scene two

The floating hand scene two

The floating hand can sometimes give the wrong impression. Most guys who “float their hand” are known to be nerds. It gives the thinking that this guy is afraid of the chick who they are posing with. This is no different with the guy on the photo. In fact, it seems as if he so very uncomfortable, though he is smiling. To avoid such impressions, one ought to avoid floating their hands.

8. The hover hand

The hover hand

The hover hand usually occurs when one is taking photo with a friend or a celebrity at conventions and they keep their hand adjacent to the body of the other person, but they do not touch them. It is sometimes seen as if one is being nerdy or probably fears to touch the girl he is posing with. It is clear that the dude in the picture has brought his hand closer but has not touched the girls. Maybe he is not so comfortable posing with the two beauties or maybe he likes it that way. Whichever way, it is clear that he is hoping that they do not notice it. LOL!

7. Seen him yet?

Have you seen him yet?

Clearly, the girls seem to be having the time of their life. They are enjoying themselves and dancing as they feel like. While they are busy partying, the dude down there is busy doing the wrong thing at the most incorrect place. What a creep! It gets one wondering what the guy was thinking when he was doing that. One would also want to know what the girls would do to the dude if they found out what the dude was doing. Or probably what would you do if you were the girls in the photo? Most probably, you would find a way of teaching him a lesson.

6. Interracial buddies

Interracial buddies

From this photograph, it is quite clear that the two are from different races. However, it is not easy to tell why the guy seems to shy off. On the other hand, the girl looks all confident and happy to have made the pose. Though the guy has his hand placed on the shoulders of the girl, there is no direct contact with the girl’s shoulders. It is not clear what would make the guy that uneasy. There are some sways that could have channeled to the uneasiness.

5. The Birdy “touch”

The Birdy “touch”

LOL! Talking of birdy hands or is it birdy touch? Whichever the most appropriate, it is a funny way of posing with your pal. Their hands seem to be flying literary. Well, maybe it is a new style in town that may not be as famous yet. While the girl embraces them with both hands, the dudes opt to repay her in quite an unusual way. Though the pose seems odd, the girl may not have noticed it yet.

4. Too young?

Too young?

What a pose! Clearly, the guy is older. So let’s say he just did not want to get into contact with the girls because of the age difference. Or maybe he posed that way so that he could prove that he has nothing more to do with the girls beside a usual friendship. Anyway, it is not that easy to tell why he chose the hover hand beside its negative publicity. All the same, the outcome was not so pleasing. However, the photo still looks good; at least the girls made it so.

3. Just friends

Just friends

From a far glance, one would easily conclude that these two are a couple. Well, at least not until you take a closer look. The guy’s hand is “floating.” Wonder why the guy did such a thing to a pretty girl. The girl, on the other hand, appears to be so joyful and unsuspecting of what may be going on at her back. While the girl seems to be too much into the guy, it is the complete opposite for the dude. Guess it is time the girl got used to the situation because it does not seem like it will end soon. It looks as if she might have to stay in the friend zone for quite a while.

2. Teen guy

Teen guy

It is evident that the boy is young. He must have been stocked to have posed with hot girls. Maybe that is why he has to keep his distance. It is good to start small, so this is a good start all the same. Considering his age, he has got a lot of time to get closer. On the other hand, probably he is simply shy. All the same, keeping a distance is a good idea.

1. A matter of life and death

Most Awkward Nerd Photos - A matter of life and death

LOL! Watch out! The dude might faint anytime. The hover hand is one of the signs of his upcoming collapsing. However, the facial expression tells more. He has got this enormous frown that might even frighten the hot girls in the photo. Well, he is more than awkward, for lack of a better word. If he had put on a smile as his friends, the photo would have looked better. All the same, the photo is interesting.

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