How To Ease Your Hangover

Ten Ways On How To Stop Your Hangover

How to reduce your hangover? Her we will write about a few ways on how to lessen your hangover! So it is during the weekend, and you go out to a drinking party with your friends. After a great night, the next morning it feels as if you have been working the whole night. You feel very ill. Then you realize that you are suffering from a hangover. For a while, you feel like your world is tumbling down. Probably you have a client you need to attend to or a heap of work that is waiting for you on your desk. What most people do not know is that they have the solution right there in their homes. Here are a few simple that you can use to get rid of a hangover. Check out these cool ideas.

Ten ways on how to ease your hangover

10. Cure Your Hangover With Water


They say that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, next time you know you will be going out for a party, drink lots of water. A person who is dehydrated is likely to get a hangover as compared to one who is hydrated. Water is essential in ensuring that you remain hydrated. This way, any alcohol that you take will be diluted its effect hence will not be that great. Water is also essential in helping to get rid of a hangover. When recovering, it is advisable to drink about eight glasses.

9. Reduce Your Hangover With Sport Drinks

Sport Drinks

Drinking plenty of electrolyte-replenishing sports drinks is advisable in replacing glucose, electrolytes and fluids. During the breakdown of alcohol, lactic acid and a number of other chemicals are produced. These chemicals tend to interfere with the production of glucose. That is why sports drinks are a perfect idea. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages as they might worsen the situation.

8. Lessen Your Hangover With Ginger


Research has proven that ginger can be used as a solution to very many problems. Ginger root has been in use for decades as treatment to sea sicknesses and nausea. To some extent, having a hangover might feel like sea sickness. In case you are green, ginger ale is the most recommended. The preparation is simple as long as you can remain vertical for ten minutes or so. You can also fix some ginger tea. You will only require slicing a ginger root (whole), adding four cups of water and letting it heat for around ten minutes or so. To the strained mixture, you then add juice from half of a lemon and add honey to taste.

7. Treat Your Hangover With Juice


Orange juice and other types of juices are effective in recovering from hangovers. They function by raising your blood sugar levels thus easing most of the hangover symptoms. However, in case you have a stomach upset, avoid intake of acidic juices since they will only worsen the situation. Instead, you can go for apple or mango juice.

6. Stop Your Hangover With Ice And Sleep

Ice And Sleep

Prepare an ice compress and place it on your head. This can be done by crushing ice and putting it in a plastic bag. Take the bag containing ice and wrap it using a towel. After that, apply it to where you are hurting. An ice alternative can be a wash cloth soaked with water. Sleeping is also a good way of treating hangovers. This is because, during sleep, your eyes do not get the chance of going into rapid eye movement. The sleeping state gives your brain a chance to get restored hence reduced hangover symptoms.

5. Cure Your Hangover With Lemon And Honey

Lemon And Honey

Lemon and hot water is well-known nonalcoholic toddy. Its benefit is that it can be swallowed easily. Adding honey to it during a hangover is useful in ensuring that the sugars and fluids which have been lost to the hangover are replenished. You may also add white sugar though it is not as effective as honey. Unlike white sugar, honey contains fructose that contests for the breakdown of alcohol. This way, it prevents the rapid change in the levels of alcohol that in turn lead to headaches. Plain sugar contains sucrose that is not absorbed quickly. The preparation of toddy is simple. All you require is a glass of hot water, lemon juice and honey.

4. Be Happy And Keep Smiling

Be Happy And Keep Smiling

A study that was undertaken by the British Medical Journal shows that guilt about drinking leads to hangovers and consequently to a state of depression. It also shows that those who feel angry and disappointed during drinking tend to suffer negative life happenings. Therefore, avoid feeling sad after a drinking spree; it will worsen the hangover effect. Instead, be happy and keep smiling.

3. Reduce Your Hangover With Bouillon Soup Or Bananas

Take Bouillon Soup Or Bananas

During a hangover, you might not want to hear anything about food. You ought to change this mentality since you require energy. Try taking bouillon soup. The advantage of taking soup is that it will help to restore potassium in your body. This is because, once one drinks alcohol, they are likely pass urine more often. Therefore, potassium is essential in ensuring that the potassium that is lost during urination is restored. Potassium is essential for the functioning of muscles and nerves. Potato juice and avocado can also perform the same functioning.

2. Lessen Your Hangover With Vitamins

Taking Vitamins

Vitamin C pushes the liver to metabolize alcohol. Vitamin B also aids in metabolizing alcohol. However, avoid too much intake of vitamin C since it might cause diarrhea. Both vitamins are however effective for relieving hangovers, both in the morning and immediately after taking a drink.

1. Reduce Your Hangover With Medication


Consider taking medicines such as Zofran and Vicodin. These pills will ease stomach upset, making you feel rejuvenated. However, one must be cautious since not all painkillers can be used for this purpose. For instance, avoid taking tylonol and acetaminophen since they will increase the hangover effect. They do so by causing damage to the liver since there is alcohol in your bloodstream. Ibuprofen and aspirin are also not recommended because they might be hard on your stomach therefore worsening the hangover effect.

Now that you know how to get rid of that hangover with readily available products, you ought not to suffer anymore. All the same, in case the hangover lasts for more than 24 hours, better consult a doctor. Also, if you get hangovers quite often, you might be having a drinking problem thus you need assistance.

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