Amazing Human Body Facts

Ten Amazing Human Body Facts With Pictures

The human body is a fascinating collection of matter that cannot fully be understood even by the most complex set of imagination. The sad fact is that we take it for granted at most times, when we should be fully appreciating it at every chance we get. You should always give your body its due credit rather than curse it vehemently when it fails momentarily. It is a very awesome machine and here is proof for that.

Ten Odd, Funny and Weird Human Body Facts

10. The Eyes Are Able to Decipher 10 Million Varying Colors, Way More Than The Telescope

The Eyes Are Able to Decipher 10 Million Varying Colors, Way More Than The Telescope

You thought that the telescope had it all? You were wrong. The human eye is so fascinating that it has the ability to distinguish between more than ten million colors. That’s in a fraction of a second. With such a large number of colors, imagination is inspired and that’s why you see artists coming up with fantastic drawings. Even they are limited by the number of colors that have successfully been manufactured to date but the eye does not disappoint.

9. A Full Grown Adult Comprises Of 7 Octillion Atoms

A Full Grown Adult Comprises Of 7 Octillion Atoms

Atoms are responsible for forming matter. It is this matter that is visible to the human eyes. The numbers of atoms that form the human matter are so many that it is even hard to decipher. In their great numbers, these atoms are joined together and were it not for them there would be no human beings to talk of. Since inception to adulthood, the number of atoms forming a human being keeps on increasing steadily and exponentially and by the time one matures, there are 7 octillion atoms composing his or her body.

8. Human Muscles Are Extremely Powerful

Human Muscles Are Extremely Powerful

Though they do not look as powerful, the strength embedded in human muscles can only be denoted as action in waiting. The buildup of muscles may tempt one into believing that they are limited to performing only normal tasks. If you have happened to watched people in their moments of adrenaline rush, you would then know that muscles have so much more to offer. To keep muscles and tendons from harming themselves however, their power is limited. This great power is only released when one experiences an adrenaline rush and at such a moment, one can even lift a car.

7. The Origin of Cells

The Origin of Cells

If you were to be asked, where do human cells originate? You would probably say that they originate from within. Your answer wouldn’t be any further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that most of the cells in the human body owe their origin to bacteria and fungi. The numbers are alarming. Over 90% of your body cells did not originate from within your body but rather originated from bacteria and fungi that are within your body. That must have shaken you up.

6. The Sensitivity of The Eyes

The Sensitivity of The Eyes

Apart from having the ability to distinguish between 10 million shades of colors, the human eye is as sensitive as can get. That’s why t is so hard for any material to get into the human eye, well, unless when you are staring too hard. Even when you are completely absent minded of what is transpiring around you, the eye isn’t. To prove this, studies have been carried out extensively. Some of them indicate that the eye is so sensitive to the point that if the earth was flat, one could be able to spot the light of a candle from 30 miles away.

5. Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to body cells and tissues. In addition to this very noble task, they are also mandated with the task of transporting carbon dioxide from body cells and tissues. What’s even more fascinating is the speed with which red blood cells can move within the body. 20 seconds is more than enough time for the red blood cells to have travelled through the entire body. With such amazing speeds, it is the reason why the body can take so much strain.

4. Noses And Smells

Noses And Smells

Ever asked yourself why you never forgot how amazing your favorite aunt’s stew smelled. The next time that smell hits your nose, I can assure you that you will notice it immediately and you won’t need anyone to walk you through it. That is just a single scent. The amazing fact is that your nose is capable of remembering 49,999 other scents just as it did with that one. 50,000 is a large number but not for the human nose. With such an incredible ability, almost all smells you come across in your lifetime are never forgotten.

3. Spit


Spitting is a healthy habit and the only thing that matters is where we do our spitting. When you imagine water that has filled two standard sized swimming pools, you think of several thousand quarts of water right? Whether it is a habit you commonly engage in or not, you do a lot of pitting in your life. For an average person spitting normally, without under-doing or overdoing it, he or she is expected to fill two swimming pools with their own spit. That’s right; we are probably talking of more than 25,000 quarts of spit. Sounds pretty gruesome for some reason I know.

2. The Belly Button

The Belly Button

Before you were born, you were fed through your belly button through the umbilical cord. After birth, the umbilical cord was cut off and the belly button left exposed to nature. It is a widely acknowledged fact that the belly button is home to thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of bacteria. This forms an ecosystem the size of an entire rainforest.

1. Muscles In The Eyes

Muscles In The Eyes

The muscles that are responsible for focusing the eye on the different sights we see throughout the day move a great deal. It is approximated that they move more than 100,000 times every single day. If you were walking on foot, you would need to cover an entire 50 miles to go roughly the same distance that is travelled by these muscles.

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